Were join links/invite tokens removed?

I can’t find an interface for generating a join link so that I don’t have to manually approve contributors. Was that functionality removed?

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Hi @Cody!

We have discontinued the use of join links. I’m sorry that is interfering with your collaboration flow!

To share a project, you can either:

  1. Use the Share menu to invite folks individually by typing either their Glitch username or email (folks don’t need a Glitch account to be invited to a project), or
  2. If your project’s code is public, you can give your collaborators the link to the app’s project editor and tell them to click the Request to Join Project button. Then you can approve them to become project members.

Join links were great on glitch for collaboration, so it is sad to see them go. :cry:


Thanks. Unfortunately it doesn’t fulfill my use case of inviting collaborators in a private chat without having to manually intervene for each of them.

If you desperately need an invite link you can echo $PROJECT_INVITE_TOKEN in the terminal and add that token https://glitch.com/edit/#!/join/here afaik.


Added to Glitch Docs!! (sorry to bump, i didn’t pay attention to the timestamps sryyyyy)

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