We've removed the color picker from the editor 🧹

Hello all - We’ve seen your bug reports about the color picker showing up in places it shouldn’t and so we’ve just deployed an update that removes it entirely. When we’re able to get it working so that it only shows up where it’s expected, we’ll bring it back.

Sorry for the troubles leading up to this, and to anyone who will miss it until it makes its great comeback in the future. :dove:


Good, I would love if it was a setting instead of immutable…


Smart call. Thanks so much, @jenn and team.

To repeat myself from another thread about this, in addition to things like “constructor”, color words like “red” and “black” would get the color picker, which was super annoying.

If this comes back I’d definitely appreciate it using the most restrictive possible regex – like /\#[0-9A-F]{6}\b/ – to minimize the magic.


In the future it might be easier to use something open-source and more tested or the above users regex to implement a color picker

That is the one we were using :slight_smile:

nice find! turns out they do use exactly this technique that inadvertently triggers on toString and other properties present in Object.prototype

cross reference An all new Glitch editor - #103 by wh0

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