What apps are people interested in building?

Creekers are generally speaking tinkerers of one description or another. Within the HyperDev community we’d like to start spreading, fostering and supporting the tendency to mess about with code and make things. What things, you ask?
That’s what we want to know. If you had access to an hour of time and few developers and a tool like HyperDev, what would you like to build? At FogCreek we’ve seen the magic of having a couple of people working on a project in HyperDev. We’d like to share the experience and help you to build apps that would valuable automation for you, your companies or your colleagues.


I know this is a very, very old topic but it was never answered so I want to do so. I’ve recently been interested in making a streaming platform due to “mixer” shutting down.


Currently working on getting my online store going.

How are you handling payments? A payment gateway? PayPal? Stripe? Cause I wouldn’t ever give my credit card details to another teen :joy:

Wot? When you use a payment processor, the person who is selling things gets your money, but not your card details. Otherwise I could use your card and go buy more things.

i like to build mostly backend apps, database management, APIs, even some algorithm here and there, but if i gotta pick one, its probably a server-towards app, or some kind of advanced mad libs, with random sentence and labeled data

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Interested in building Node.js and Vue stuff with coool UI and really incomprehensible code.

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i’ve been trying to start a few projects like a package manager or an OS (some people are telling me to call it a pseudoOS)

Not a bad name, interested to see your project, good luck!

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You’ve misunderstood me here. That’s the point. I want him to use a payment gateway so that he can’t handle my card details as these companies have much more experience handling them than him :joy:

Venmo, as far as I’m concerned, your credit card details are never shared with me.