What are all of the Text Fonts for glitch?

Im trying to make a website but the thing is these both dont match when I put the codes together please help!

If you can help please come

Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 3.56.44 PM

I want the last screenshot to be my website but the thing is glitch keeps making it look dumb like how when naruto’s first shadow clones looked like duffesses

Do you have a project link?

Text fonts vary by your machine. Glitch does not control these, so the sky is the limit. If it is installed by your computer, you can use it. Else, all fonts will be replaced with the “New Times Roman” Font.

You can include a copy of the font on the server for the browser to download.

The web page linked below should explain this very well!

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Hi, @ZaCh0003, welcome to the community! Please create your own topic from the next time for asking questions. All Glitch projects go to sleep after five minutes. If you want to your bot to be online 24/7 then you will need to upgrade your Glitch membership.