What are all the file tags we can use?

I have been trying to find out the available file tags on glitch to learn more codes, but in order for that, I need to know them. Does anyone know them all?

Welcome to the forums! What do you mean by “file tags” exactly?

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I’ll assume you are talking about what languages glitch supports. Glitch officially supports NodeJS, javascript, HTML, and CSS. There are however unofficial projects with other languages.

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Glitch supports static websites (HTML/CSS/JS), React and Vue (React starter runs on Vite, do not bother running Create React App or webpack – it’s slow), Node apps (starters come with Fastify, Eleventy and SQLite; you can run Express - a bit slower, maybe). I’ve heard of people running Python but I haven’t tried it.

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Yep, I’ve run Python projects (like this one, which I should probably revisit and improve at some point)


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