What are the rate limits?

Hey, I am considering starting a new project which will be a moderation system with dashboard and a database. However, I am worrying about the rate limits since my API will be getting a lot of requests.

Let’s say that one of my users create a organization, connects their Roblox game to said organization via my website, and they happen to have around 1,000 concurrent players. We could estimate that the amount of players joining per second would be 10.

Now let’s imagine if I had 10 of these users, that would be 10,000 concurrent players and 100 players joining per second.

Everytime a player joins a connected Roblox game it will make a request to my API which will take a 64-bit integer value that represents Roblox UserId of the player. My API will make a database query and return result which will be either false or an object that represents current moderation status of the player:

  type: "ban",
  duration: Infinity,
  reason: "Flying with exploits",
  moderator: 3912471451,
  createdAt: 100024100

What are the rate limits? If it exceeds the rate limit how can I get lower rate limit?

4k req/hr

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