What are your fave WebXR experiences?

Here’s a little Friday thought … What the coolest thing you’ve seen built with WebXR tech (AR/VR/etc.) on or off of Glitch?

One of my faves is https://cinta.glitch.me/ created by @rosapark0328 which just has the chillest vibes :sunglasses:

Tell me yours!

A while ago there was a webxr demo I think that had a lake with virtual fish moving around with music, unfortunately I can’t find the link but I’m pretty sure it was on last month on glitch at some point.

Hi again everyone!


Oooh! Are you talking about https://koi-garden.glitch.me/


What in the AI? lol This is a thread about AR!

Jokes aside, I haven’t been tracking the AI hype because I’ve been too busy but I’m sure if you started a separate thread folks would love to discuss. You should totally do it!

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Yea, that was the one I couldn’t find it through google for some reason, but I remebered the name was memorable