What can I do once I reach my 1000 hours?

Recently my BloxyLibrary, and personal portfolio website have pushed my hours significantly and I am close to reaching the limit, is there anything I can do to avoid reaching it?

Although I know that the hours get reset at end of each month, I might hit the limit before the month is over based on the growth of my websites.

Please be aware that I do not have any money of my own and my websites do not make any profit either.

Hi! I don’t think you can do much, because probably the only option is to upgrade to Glitch Pro… Anyway, the limit is almost resetting, it’s 28/09/22, so I think the only thing you can do is wait…

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If you run out of hours, you can still download a copy of your project(s) and work on them locally and set them up on other hosting, including other free hosting services. See here for how to do that:

Running out of hours is not meant to be a punishment that holds your data hostage, it’s just a limit on the free resources provided. Go forth and code for that 1,001st hour and beyond. Although a few of those might be spent setting up a local dev environment :sweat_smile:

I am aware, I never worked in Glitch editor because it doesn’t meet my expectations.

Any recommendations?

Firebase’s web.dev? Repl.it? Vercel? (unfortunately none of them as good as glitch)

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