What caused the page to disappear?

i making a beautiful website for a game:

i started working on the New Island page in React. i made all the components i planned, and as i started adding the components to the default function to be exported and rendered, the website looked like this:

as expected, because i haven’t started styling yet. but when i added the Size component, i got this:

help please.


link from screenshot if anyone knows react and is too lazy to transcribe it from the screenshot

some errors in the browser console, if that helps


this looks like it has to do with SelectBtn being a function component, where doing things like this.group ... only being allowed in class components

similar problem to this Why is the page blank?, did you later work that one out?

There should be a rewind button in the edit you can always just rewind instead of going and breaking things even more.


yes, i noticed it was similar, and yes, i figured that one out, they were slightly different problems.

i DID wonder whether the this keywords would be a problem, and i only used them because calling a regular let variable was throwing an error for some reason….

fixed, in the middle of writing this post. i changed them back to let variables, and slightly altered the variable names, and now the website is vibing. if i wasn’t seconds away from the end of the school day, i probably could have puzzled this out. thanks!