What did I do? Something is actually wrong here

Ever since I paid for glitch pro its been a down hill spiral of bullying trolling deleted posts and confusion why just why I’m innocent for crying out loud I try to share something deleted I say too much probability of message and keyword that violates something increases like *** what the heck is going on with this forum.

Edit: Also false flags like *** was a banned word because I said it to a woman 2023…

Edit 2: In need of a fully empty template with nothing in it.

Edit 3: Crap I said *** in my first message

Edit 4: A discord bot template for discord.js would be pog

Edit 5: I have no real idea why ***** and glitch Discord bots have 2 different setups can someone explain that to me

Hi there,

I apologize for the confusion you’re experiencing in the forum. It might help if you read up on the community forum rules before posting again. This is a welcoming community and we expect everyone to communicate in a way that is friendly and the community has that expectation as well. If you’re frequently seeing your posts being flagged, it might help to reassess how you are framing your questions.

For what it’s worth, we don’t have bro listed as a banned keyword anywhere that I know. I would suggest using more community-oriented language and less gender specific terminology because we consider this forum to be a resource so you never know who might be reading these posts years from now and will benefit from the discussions and solutions. I hope this helps.


@jennwrites done thanks

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