What do the letters in project suspension messages mean?

I see people quoting their project suspension notices, and there’s a code with 3 a few letters at the end of the suspension reason. What are they?

I have seen:
SKM -> @glitch-support where are u when i need u
SSIA -> Help pls please help me have a lot of code, Suspended project: decoder, Glitch Project Suspended for breaking ToS
PBR and MSPU -> Violating Terms of Service. PBR and MSPU


I have seen that too. I am also curious.


Possibly staff member initials? E.g. who suspended the project for internal record keeping?

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These are internal codes we use to identify the reasons for suspension. The codes are subject to change, and we do not disclose the meanings of these codes.

However, the owner of a suspended project can always reach out to us at support@glitch.com and we will give them the details.