What do these logs mean?

Can anyone explain what this means? I have just a static webpage that I am working on, but something won’t work, and when I check logs I see this.

I’ve renamed this to What do these logs mean? - it makes sense for the question. Basically those just say that your app is being served to a person with that IPv6 (I think that’s IPv6, correct me if I’m wrong), time/date, request details and user agent (browser, os, device etc.). No errors are peinted in the console for static sites - you’ll need to go to the your-project-name-here.glitch.me and open your browser’s devtools (usually by pressing ctrl + i I think) and check for errors there if your site isn’t working.

Alright thanks. It was a typo I found breaking the whole thing. I believe I am using IPv6 so that’d make sense. Thanks for that.

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