What does this button do?

What does the login button do on not found Glitch projects? Does this mean it is possible to make login protected glitch projects?

That’s odd, it doesn’t show up for me, whether logged in or out. In fact, there’s js there for it, but the actual button’s gone.
According to the js, the button will only show up if you have the paramater token in the URL parameters. I tried it with a token and it made no difference. Anyway, I wouldn’t have thought that you’d be able to make a login protected project as that screen only shows up on static 404s, right?

I did some more tests are was able to confirm that this button only shows up on non-static sites. Odd, maybe a new feature for password protected sites is in the near future?

URL parameters? :grinning:


That’s the one :laughing:

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URL parameters are better than saving to a database, unless if you have a login system.

seems like the broken eJS was fixed


Well, This can happend if the requested project isn’t Found.

Anyways, i still not sure what does Login button mean.

yes we know that, this was already stated in the original post

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i think this only happens in private projects, so the owner of that private project could log in and see it

Yes, but as @RiversideRocks said it is only on non-static sites.

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http://glitch.com/~project-name/authorize returns a token when connected

The token really looks like a Google token, I need to find where it goes