What forum is this?

I have seen this on https://devforum.roblox.com and numerous other sites, what forum is this?


@OverseersMight this forum software is called Discourse you can view more info at there site.


Thank you, This solves my long awaited question.

Just out of curiosity @OverseersMight, why do you ask?

If you want to make your own, you just can’t on Glitch. You’ll need a linux terminal to do so (which is obtainable through windows 10 if you did not know)

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you will require software called docker:

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Isn’t the terminal on Glitch a Linux terminal, too???


yeah… ubuntu to be more precise…


not really, there’s a few commands an actual linux terminal have that Glitch doesn’t

Its not that Glitch has a fake console, they just have sudo and tree disabled for security.

im not really sure what damage tree could do…

You could set tree to something like ~ and see all files on the VM.

Exactly what I would like to know.

Current workaround is to use the tool mentioned in that thread. But it still needs to be a GitHub repo.

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Maybe @jenn could explain.