What is a discord bot?

Hi. I’m, well… under 15 years old. I joined this forum to mainly learn more about HTML and JavaScript and stuff like that. I’m slightly embarrassed to ask this question but, what exactly is a discord bot?

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Hi @TheFixrUppr - Discord is a type of communication client (text and voice chat) and they have an API (application programming interface - basically instructions on how you can get your own code to interact with their code) that enables you to build things like bots that exist in the server you program it for. You can have the bots do things in response to commands that are built into the bot.

A lot of creators on Glitch are building apps for Discord, in part because that’s how they show you how to start in the official docs, and that’s why you probably hear a lot about them in this forum.


I’ve never programmed a Discord bot beyond a simple starter that just repeated any message you typed, so I would love for others here in the forum to share their bots and what they do as they would know better some examples and more advanced functionality bots can do.


Btw if you don’t want to code your discord bot or want to do it faster then you can use something like botghost.

:warning: Quick warning: If you don’t have Glitch Pro and don’t boost the project where your bot is hosted, your bit will go down after 15 mins. You could resort to pinging it, but that’s against Glitch’s terms of service and may get your project banned.

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So true. I used to have a discord bot named Gizmo hosted and pinged on replit, but then they changed all sorts of things, one of those things hosting, and so my bot went down… never to be heard of again.

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If you don’t have Glitch Pro you’re better off selfhosting with a raspberry pi or a phone.

That causes major liabilities in your network. I wanted to do it on a raspberry pi, but I am not allowed for that reason.

what do you mean by that?

Maybe that’s not true, but I don’t know,