What is ___glitch_loading_status___?

What is this? I see this in the logs. Is this an internal thing?


I assume it is an internal thing. By the way, what is your app written in?


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I used the Chrome Dev Tools to check what requests are being sent when I try to load my Django app and saw this, too. It is using the wss protocol.

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Might be a web socket? Its interesting as it comes up in the logs a fair bit.

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That’s an endpoint that the “Waking up” screen accesses when the project isn’t running. Judging by the scripts on the Waking up screen, maybe it’s a websocket that would tell the screen when to reload to get the actual project. Usually the Waking up screen stops asking once your app is up, but maybe one page somewhere didn’t.

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Does that mean we could customize the waking up screen, if so that’d be just straight up awesome.

I don’t think this changes what the loading screen is, I think the just tells Glitch if the project has woken up or not.

So we could possibly change this and make our sites load instantly?

Not sure, I mean it could be possible. I would have to take a look.

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I’ll take a look… and report any findings…

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Okay, so I have seen this before, and this occurs when Glitch is loading up. For me, it is a rare find, but it is possible. But as you can see it returns with a 4xx (error) status. It should return a 3xx (redirect) status and send you to your project.

This has happened with a couple of my projects before. And you have to be lucky (like 1/100) to get this message. But it is returning a 404, meaning that something is wrong with that machine.

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Thanks for the helpful info everyone!