What is Glitch?


While browsing this forum I somehow ended up at support.glitch.com. It’s hosting the same thing as support.glitch.com. I wondered if Gomix was being renamed (though that’s already happened once?!) so I went to https://glitch.com which just says “Coming Soon”. I Googled “glitch.com gomix” and found a twitter account @glitch tweeting with the name Gomix:


I tried searching this forum for Glitch but there are only 3 instances and they’re all talking about “glitches”.

So I’m confused; where did the name Glitch come from?


whois glitch.com –> Tech Email: hyperdev-team@fogcreek.com :slight_smile:

doesnt sound like glitch to be the payed version of gomix so maybe is a new product backed by gomix.


It’s actually the email notifications linking to the glitch domain. I presume this must be a recent change or people would’ve asked about this before?

Is the service being renamed again?


Domain was registered in 1997 (maybe by someone else) but updated 2017-03-06 …


Hmm! :thinking: More answers Monday.


yeah, Gomix will be renamed to Glitch (hint – https://github.com/pketh/gomix-community-app) :sob:

imported to https://gomix-glitch.gomix.me/


Seems this support forum is a bit confused as a result of this… The email notifications link to support.glitch.com but then when I click through and try to Login, I get redirected back to support.glitch.com and get an auth error. I presume this is only temporary, but thought maybe worth mentioning!