What is glitch's network performance?

I am developing a nodejs backend infrastructure, which communicates with other REST APIs.
I am actually migrating from another service which was hosting my nodejs server.
One thing I noticed is that requests to my mongodb remote cluster and REST APIs are slower than usual, this is either because of my configuration or glitch’s network performance.
So what is glitch’s network speeds ?

They host on Amazon, so I’ll assume 1-10 gigabit per EC2 instance, but that’s a question for staff.

Do you know if boosted apps and free apps are hosted on the same EC2 instance type or are they different instances with different network performance and different CPU capabilities ?

It dawned on my awhile back that if the url is public it must be registered as such… see if this gives you the information you are looking for Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email start with the DNS lookup and you should see the records corresponding to your site.