What is going on with gltich

Hello, I have real concerns with your platform now. I just migrated all my Google App Scripts to here since the Google platform has become unreliable since they upgraded to Chrome V8 processing.

I am been with Glitch for at least 2 years now and never had so many issues but lately this platform is unstable so often.

What is going on? Why is this?

I am getting all these emails from Uptime Robots of projects up and down.

You might like https://glitch.com/coming-soon - it’s not yet open to the everyone, but we’re working on it!

For the best / most up-to-date info on our status: status.glitch.com.

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Thanks John - signed up. I have been asking for a piad version - is that what this will be? Bottom line I love Glitch and the platform. I recommend it to many.

Yep already signed up for the updates at leadt a year ago - getting them all the time. Just been frustrating since Google screwed up App Scripts now and then the past week here been crazy as well. I guess the server have the virus too lol.

Same here, last night I spent a whole lot of time migrating my local code to glitch. I’m expecting to release it at 1 pm PDT today but because of the glitch slowdown I might have to postpone it

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It’s back online, from what i see in status.glitch.com