What *is* HyperDev?

First off, thanks for being part of our beta!

HyperDev is a developer playground that lets you just focus on writing code. By removing the barriers to building, HyperDev gets you straight to developing real web apps, in a fast, fun and collaborative way.

When you visit HyperDev, you get the Editor – a collaborative, web-based text editor that you’ll use to create and edit the files of your Application. The Hello World code you see there? That’s a real, live, running web app! Don’t believe us? Click the “Show” button to see your app in action. Want to change how it works? The code is continuously deployed, so changes to anything – server-side node, client-side javascript, templates – shows up in your app immediately!

Want to experience even more of what HyperDev can deliver?

Sign In

Use your GitHub account to sign in to HyperDev, and now you’re able to create more projects and get back to them whenever you’d like.

Collaborate :family:

Invite friends and other contributors with the invite link, or allow users to join when they stop by. Once granted access, they can edit the same project, at the same time. Watch them work, work together, or tackle changes to entirely separate pieces of the application. It isn’t pair programming, it’s something entirely more exceptional!

Remix :snowman:

By default, all applications created in HyperDev are public and the code can be viewed by anyone. If you’re on a read-only project that you’d like to tinker with, use the Remix button. You’ve now got your own, separate copy of the code to edit as you please!

Show Off :sunglasses:

Have you made something awesome with HyperDev? Post it in the gallery for others to view and remix.


Is this a private beta?

Yes. Users without an invite are unable to use the editor to view or edit projects (but anyone can see the apps you create). If you’d like to share with your friends, family, neighbors, etc… awesome! Please point them to the Beta Signup Page so that they don’t get locked out. We’re working hard towards a getting this opened up to everyone, so thanks for your interest!

That’s a pretty short FAQ.

That’s not a question :grin: Seriously, though, if you’ve got more questions let us know! You can open a new topic in the Questions Category