What is the connection of my project with another project

I was going to advertise on Google Adwords, they told me there was malware on my site and it was affected by the following link. https://mm-exam.glitch.me/privacy.html There is a referral here to https://roda.site/app/prop-adop-8387623/, but another project, what is it related to my project?

Malware redirect URL but what is its connection with my project

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what you are asking. Did you get a visit from this website?

Google found a malware called roda.site on my site, it says that roda.site is in the files of my site. Bidet separately affects my project in mm-exam project.it says it affects me why another project affects my project what is this mm-exam why it affects my site

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Can I have a look at your site?

https://yazilim-dersleri.glitch.me Of course

Could it be that .glitch.me domains might not always be used for good (i.e. The person’s pinging service got DDoSed, Bitcoin Mining, etc)?

I see that your site and the page that Google has found a problem on are in different glitch.me subdomains. They only connection is that they’re on the same parent domain. It’s unfortunate that other Glitch projects can affect your site this way.

For this specific problem, you should be able to work around it by using a custom domain for your site, so that it’s not on glitch.me. Although I understand that it’s hard move a site to another address.

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@wh0 Thanks for your suggestion