What is the limit of node_modules size!

what is the limit of node_modules size!!

Your node_modules no longer counts against your disk space used for your project. See : https://medium.com/glitch/tackling-the-biggest-pain-points-in-web-development-57d64afe19dc

The above answer is slightly different to the question you’re asking. If you literally want to know what the extreme limit is of your node_modules, then I’m afraid I don’t know.

It’s true that node_modules generally doesn’t count against your storage limits anymore. If you have an old project, you can run


from the console to enable that feature.

Yeah i have pnpm btw there is really no limit for node-modules omg !!

Well, we do apply some very high limit on the amount of node modules you can install. It’s in place so that you don’t abuse that free space, but in general, if you are using node_modules normally, you will be able to install as many packages as you need.

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Ok thanks , BTW i am just using modules which is currently is 40mb in size but the new update saved alot of space on which i can work!!