What is the limitation of CPU core and Bandwidth in Glitch

Hey guys, I cant see specs on CPU core and bandwidth in Glitch, what is the limitation of them in present (free plan), thanks in advance

Hi, you can check out the technical limitations of a Glitch container here!

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Glitch CPU info is not publicised and I don’t think it would make sense as an answer to what you want to know. In my understanding, Glitch projects run in containers on shared infrastructure, so you get a fraction of the processing power of the computing node.

If you have CPU requirements for some software you want to run, you could try emailing support at glitch. Otherwise just try your workload and find out if it works!

If you run lscpu in the Terminal, you’ll see Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2686 v4 @ 2.30GHz

But, again, you are not getting sole use of that processor - your project will be throttled if it reaches the arbitrary 100% CPU mark shown in the Tools window!

As for bandwidth, the only limit I know of is that you are limited to 4000 req/hour (source: Glitch Pro! What's that? - Glitch Support)

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Is there any upgrade in CPU performance between free and boosted projects ?

According to their happyfox site, there may not be an increase in cpu performance. Maybe someone could run a few benchmarks and average them out to produce a conclusion

thank you!!

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