What is the Planny file in the root of static websites?

Hi! I’m kgrlabs, a static site developer. Recently I was making a site on here and I came across a strange file named “Planny” in the root directory when I created the project. I couldn’t find a result on the web (trust me, I’ve already tried Ecosia, Bing, AccuSearch, Google, and You.com) and nothing appeared in the Glitch blog or forums. The file is completely blank. It only shows up in a blank website template, nowhere else. Here’s an image of it in a fresh blank website starter:

Does anyone know what this file is and what it’s for? Is there content that I’m just not seeing? Please help.

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Hi there!

Well this is certainly a weird one :sweat_smile: and looks like a file that was added erroneously to the blank website starter project. I’ve removed it for now and we shall keep an eye on the project in case of any other unexpected behaviour.

Thanks for flagging it!


Observation: The ~hello-express project also has a file like this. It’s called “lol” and has no content

haha hello-express has had a history of mysterious appearances hasn’t it?


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