What is the status of Typescript support?

I see that some messages involving TypeScript have been posted but I didn’t get a sense about whether it is directly supported at this time. The project uses web sockets so while I could develop locally I would like to know if I could push the final app to Glitch and have it run.

Edit: I found a number of sites and videos that demonstrate that web socket servers can run and people on Glitch offering assistance (I believe) so the TypeScript question remains outstanding.

You can run code on Node.js on Glitch. For TypeScript, that would mean you’d compile it with tsc first, to get JavaScript code. You can install tsc on Glitch and run it within the project.

Glitch’s online editor doesn’t do anything special with the types, so you might get a better experience developing locally.


Thanks much. I think using VS Code as an editor for TypeScript has many advantages and I will no doubt take that route. I was wondering what experience people have had. So I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

If you want, you could always develop locally in vscode and push changes to Glitch via git.

That is going to be the pattern. There are many advantages including support for multiple branches, pull requests, etc.

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