What is this? Can someone fix it

my projeckt name saghsbest-bot

someone open my ban i can clear my pachage.

Hello @Saghsu, welcome to the Glitch Support Forums!

I’m sorry you’re having an issue with your project- it seems like you have run up against both the project size limit as well as node_modules size limit. I can temporarily give you more space so you can fix these issues- be sure to put the names of any files that change often in a file called .gitignore so they aren’t tracked by version control, which can eat up your project space. Let me know if you’d like the project resized.

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Yes if u can i want it! Thanks

I’ve un-suspended your project- please be sure to do some clean up because you are close to hitting the limit again soon

Yes i know. I will go for clean my project. Thnks for help!