What language do you want to learn this month?

This month I challenge everyone on Glitch to try a new language. If you want to take the challenge, respond with what language you primarily work with and the one you want to learn.


Oh definetly not PHP @riversiderocks. I think I’m gonna learn C# but after the month. I work with mostly front-end and also a lot of back end as well. I think I can learn it in a month if I put 14 hours a day on it.

And yes after this month I think it’s time to take off the null photo

Edit: in case if you want to know what I’ll be doing with it, it’s unity


well I wanted to try php but any language with dollar signs seems to annoy me. I may try Rust cause I’ve been wanting to use a language that doesn’t have a garbage collector AND is readable.


Yeah, I don’t like Jquery much

I’m already trying Rust. It’s very difficult.

I like Ruby or Ruby off Rails

Not really languages, but frameworks. I’m currently learning Vue and React.

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I dread Vue, but anyways let’s throw in some 3d frameworks like 3.js y’all

PHP :stuck_out_tongue:

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I totally want to learn Go this month.

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There’s a few stuff on my checklist:

  • Go for JS Devs
  • PHP
  • Maybe Angular?
  • GraphQL

what about


woot woot yeah typescript!

That will actually be very hard, because if you learn react or vue it’s harder to learn another. But I guess you are probably making it easier by doing them at the same time.

I already finished that, just last week :grin:


Currently learning rust when I have time, it is very straight forward after you get the basics down. I really enjoy the language, however, i wish I could set aside more time to learn Rust :frowning:


You never specified coding language. I’m learning British Sign Language. :joy:


I definitely want to learn php. It’s just so easy (in theory) - you just plonk it in the page, no need for infinite requests to tge server to get data - what more could you want? (Other than it being easier to set up on Glitch :smiley:)
I usually work with node.js (and vue), so it’ll be a nice change.

But I really want to integrate php with express. It kind of defeats the purpose of php, but I just don’t like .htaccess :slight_smile:

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I mean I’m starting spanish next week for school haha

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I primarily work with Lua and JavaScript. This month I’m gonna try C++

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OK so my genuine answer is that I want to learn C# in Unity to make my portfolio into an interactive game. I usually code in Node.js