What Languages do you want to use with HyperDev?

Edit: Thanks for all the ideas and input; we’ve decided to take multi-language support off of our roadmap

Love HyperDev but can’t stand Javascript? Me too :slight_smile:

The POC Python App works pretty well, and we’ve been playing with hacking together apps in a few other languages.

What’s the next language that you’d like to see with 1st class support in HyperDev?

Looks like the link doesn’t have an href?

I’d love to see Go supported. The neat thing is that, because the Go team promises no breaking changes, you can just use the latest stable version of the go build tool to build everything and not worry about versions!


Nice catch, Chuck. fixed :slight_smile:

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Dart and TypeScript! :wink:

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I’d love to see Ruby supported.

I’d also love to see Crystal and Elixir (if those are possible).


Elixir would be awesome!
Also Typescript if we could get proper intellisense within the Ace Editor.

GO lang. Thank you very much.

Python and PHP would be awesome.

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Python please.

Don’t care for PHP myself.

Python definitely!
I think python makes a lot of sense given the type of use case you have here.

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lua would be nice. . . . .

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Swift and Python would be awesome!

PHP, Go, Python and Swift please :grin:


To enable people with little programming experience to get started easier.

Hi all,

In order to focus our development efforts we decided to put multi-languages on hold for now: Putting multi-language support on hold

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Clojure / ClojureScript if you continue to focus on multiple languages support

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