What’s your favorite Glitch app made in 2019?

hey pals!

so a couple of weeks ago, we asked folks on twitter what their favorite glitch app made in 2019 was and got some great replies. but i also want to run that question by y’all – some of our most active users! so how about it…

What’s your favorite Glitch app made in 2019? (Yes you can submit your own also!)

That’s a very tricky question, @jenn. I’ve seen a lot of good projects ever since I came to the Support Forums, and maybe I might tell you a bunch of my favourite projects:

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thanks for sharing - i’ve been following and am excited to see the collaboration around the dark mode userscript!

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Yup, you can see it’s progress in this thread: To All Community Members, We Need Your Help

oh, btw, we will be resuming work this friday on the dark =mode

almost forgot! My favorite app is this: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/spangled-earth

its a WIP, it is also a webserver controller for nodejs/python

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