What type of domain extensions are allowed on glitch


I tried adding this custom doamin with ext .gq and i got this error



Hi @Bfaschat what happened after you saw this error message? In the database it looks as though your custom domain registered properly and as far as I know we don’t prohibit any top-level domains from being used as custom domains, so I’m wondering if you just saw a blip of some kind.


thanks for your reply it was due to the fact that i was not adding it to my own project but someone else’s own


what i’m i doing wrong again


returns not found


Aha! You’ve run into a totally different problem that’s completely on us!

If you take a look at https://support.glitch.com/t/custom-domains-not-working-for-some-projects you’ll see that we’re working on the problem and hope to have a resolution very soon.


:grin: oh thanks and waiting for feedback