What types are allowed in assets now?

Some file types, such as the good ol’ application/octet-stream, are not allowed anymore. What’s allowed now?

Let me make a suggestion to Glitch-folk. When you see these types of questions it typically means that the answer isn’t obvious and/or easy to find. There are dozens if not hundreds of these types of “fact-type” questions. Not “what is wrong with my code” but “what are the limits”, etc. and searching through messages looking for answers is the worst possible solution. These should be added to an FAQ every time one is asked and answered. My 2 cents anyway…

Hi there - so more often than not when something like this is asked and we have the answer, we do update the Help Center. Which we’ll do for this question once I confirm that we’re done working on asset file type allowance!

Probaly image files, eg ico, png
Not sure if exe files are allowed, wouldnt see why not

Thanks Jenn. You can see people are simply guessing.

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