What was the first ever user

What was the first ever… glitch user?.. or account?

Please, don’t ask questions like this.

I do not know however it had to be a admin who had worked at Fog Creek.


Pretty sure this is the first user:

He has twice as many projects than me. Their completed. I assume.

you sure? How did you find out? (except for the fact that he is part of the creators)

Or a test account. :wink:

If you look at the API, he is ID #1.



It appears that I am the six millionth dev here!

or my counting skills are just, really off

or not

I am the 8.1 Millionth!

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Oof i am 21638970th

@RiversideRocks joined in 2020 and he is a regular and I joined in 2019 and IM still not even close to getting regular even though I log on every day!

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Just takes a lot of patience and dedication :sweat_smile:

I have been on Glitch since October of 2019, but only joined the forum in January.

nice, I’ve been here every day since BEFORE you joined Glitch.


I’ve been here for close to a year now.

And I’ve been on glitch for two years, now, so yeah.

If you want proof just go to my profile

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Also, why did @khalby786 and @TheBigC join on the same day :thinking:


I wonder why too. I guess I was here a month ago though before yall

just 10 more days till anniversary badge

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I was though, inactive for around three months though, and I didn’t really know much about Discourse itself.

maybe they were the owner’s friends…?

No, the forum has been around since 2016.

Probably a weird coincidence.

I’d assume a test account, not a real one

Fun fact: there is a “Mud Creek” in NY and theres a lot of fog there