What will this cost?


This is very, very cool – kudos on creating a really interesting platform!

Given what’s said in the What is HyperWeb post, this seems to be mostly for experiments and smaller projects. Presumably, these projects won’t be hosted 24/7/365/∞ – but that said, are there plans to turn this into a proper hosting platform? If so, can you share any information on pricing structures?

Again, very cool project. It’s crazy just how quickly you’re up and running and actually building something.


Hi mstade,

It makes us really happy to hear you feel this is very cool!

The exact details of the plans are still being finalized and will most likely be posted when we announce our public release. In broad terms the projects will be available indefinitely, however they will be subject to the usage terms and conditions.

At the moment you will find the running environment will be always available, but each instance will be short lived. This means it is not suitable for in memory data stores, or systems that go out a poll stuff. We will look to add more value around this as we go, though at this time we want to see if you, our beta users, are as excited by how quick it is to express your vision in code as we are.

Please keep the feedback coming!



I want a service like bitbucket that actually provides a basic value proposition for free to users and then when they need to go next level they pay. I like their offerings better than Github and it if wasn’t for Github’s near monopoly of the market such as HyperDev choosing them, then I’d pretty much never use Github.


hey misterhtmlcss,

Not to worry, our plans are to always have a free, useful version.