What's eaten all my disk space?


Where’s my 128 Megs gone?

What do I need to delete to be able to keep working on this project?


Hi @NoobDoesMC,

from the console you can see:

$ du -s * | sort -n
13092	node_modules
38796	bin

and also

du -s .git
61192	.git

if you don’t care about your git history, you can remove the directory .git. Then I would encourage you to add bin/ to your .gitignore file (create one if you don’t have it).


Why don’t I just add everything to my gitignore? And then delete .git? That’d save space right?



IMO That definitely doesn’t add up to 127.9 MB.

What’s going on?


That’s only the visible files and directories which make up your project. If you ls -l -a you can see everything.


There is also .git, as I said before