What's the easiest launguage i can learn

I want to make an account system, what’s the easiest programming launguage i can do that with?

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Maybe nodejs and the mongoose

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Probably PHP in my opinion.


So there’s going to be various opinion on different programming languages and frameworks, so please explain why the programming language/framework you mentioned is good for creating an account.

Is it easy to learn?

In my opinion- python is your best language as a beginner. Flask is good aswell as it can be extended to allow auth

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you seem experienced. can you give me an example of those two launguages?

Python has really easy syntax and there are loads of beginner-friendly tutorials out there - but if you’re using Glitch it can be a bit complicated to set up compared to js. I really recommend python if you’re cruunching lots of numbers or wirking with databases, python is the best. So, for this case I’d recommend python. Flask is a python library for handling server-side stuff, python’s got loads of great libraries for pretty much everything.

Node.js is basically just server-side javascript, which I know you know a bit of already, so it should be quite an easy transition, but it’s probably a lot more confusing than using flask with python

PHP has fairly similar syntax to js (I think) and has loads of really cool features that you need loads of libraries for in other languages. However, it’s again a bit complicated to set up for Glitch. I don’t really know anything else about it, other than that I find it quite confusing.

Java is a tiny bit similar to Javascript, except they are very different. I have no idea how you’d set it up on Glitch or sort out servers, but it is a very powerful language that is fairly easy to transition to from knowing Javascript.

There are loads of other languages out there that could be used for this, such as Go, Ruby, Rust, Pearl or Kotlin, but I only know a tiny bit of those and don’t know how useful they will be for your purpose, other than Kotlin, which could definitely be used for this. I just don’t know how.

Wow that’s quite a long post


And I don’t even know how to use PHP functions…