What's the password for the user `app`?

On Glitch app containers, what’s the default password for the app user?
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Not sure if you’re allowed to. You can email support@glitch.com

I don’t think there is a password because there is no root access.

The app user is not root.

Can you give an example of a command that needs a password?

Setting up a mysql db

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the user pick the password for their MySQL database? Could you send a screenshot of the command? I’ve just never heard of something like this.

I’m…not sure. Command is just mysql. But if yes, I think this password has to be set from root.

Interesting… I will ping @glitch_support. However, I think that if you need a password from the root on glitch, you cannot do it as there is no root access in glitch containers.

I know there’s no root access.

Were you using the lamp-poc project for the MySQL database? I know that MySQL is possible there.

I’m using the lamp-php project.

Ok. I’ll just wait to see what Glitch Support has to say.

Hi, the password JUST FOR MYSQL is gomix. This is only for sql

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Well, works, but I keep on getting access denied :confused:

this password only works for SQL, you can’t use this for root

Just want to come back here after I actually learned about managing mysql stuff. The mysql root user can be used to set up a database with mysql -u root.

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