What's the port range users have at Glitch?


Hello Glitch

What’s the port range that can be used? As far as I know it’s only possible to use port 3000 to host a website, correct me if I’m wrong. If we have more ports than 3000, please let me know.



Right now we only expose only one port to the external world. If you want to expose more than one service, you might try with a reverse proxy, like the one offered by the http-proxy npm package. That way, you might have different services listening at various port, and then the proxy listening at port 3000: the proxy might then convert different urls into different ports, for example:

https://your-project.glitch.me/serviceA/:path -> http://localhost:4000/:path
https://your-project.glitch.me/serviceB/:path -> http://localhost:5000/:path
https://your-project.glitch.me/serviceC/:path -> http://localhost:6000/:path

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