Whats the way glitch starts html code?

i used glitch for my website html, im now switching to something else and want to know how it starts. is it like npm start or like node .? what is it?

What is something else, just curious ?

A different VPS. I’m currently just trying visual studio code and dont know how to run it.

Oh, then you have to do node dot (node .)


In the vscode terminal

Cannot Find Module. I just downloaded my project and tried node ., it just errors no module, what should I do?

Do you have a package.json ?


I’ll get it off of express like you said. One min.

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Or do npm init on the terminal


okay, that worked, how do i get the url, do i console.log(process.env.PORT)?

edit: just says its undefined, how do i get my local host port?

What url ? @mynamecolt420

when you start up the website and you mostly get local host, how do i get that console logged so i know the url it has that i go to see it?

i got the port, but localhost:port dosent work.

Do u have an apache web server ?


im just trying to get the url to see my website and localhost port isnt working. what should i do? also I dont believe i have a apache web server im just trying to see my bot website off of visual studio code

Well, wich computer do you have? windows or Mac @mynamecolt420 . Its different for each computer

Can you view your logs? It often shows the port there.

I usually right-click on the main file (this matters on the type on project.) then press open with chrome or wich ever preferred search enigne you have


You can also use netstat in the command prompt to see what ports are being used.

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Your app is listening on port 56430, i get that, but on windows when i do localhost:56430 it shows nothing saying localhost didn’t send any data so how do i get the proper url to see it live? because before on my old version of the website localhost and this worked great, now it dosent.

what i said to river.