When are paid plans coming for more resources?

Really love Glitch and want to pay on per month subscription basis.
When are the paid plans coming? I am sure you need a lot of money for server maintenance.

Thanks a lot.


Really want to know that when is your pricing setup coming in? I want to launch some serious projects from Glitch.com itself. I hate all those restrictions for now.

Although it is easy to export to GitHub & then import back to production server, but it will be super handy to host crucial projects from Glitch.com itself.


Hey @rehmat I don’t know how we missed your first post, sorry about that!

Unfortunately the answer’s the same now as it was then: “in the future”. We have some work to do before we can offer them and don’t have a firm timeline yet.

We’re glad that you love Glitch, and we hope you’ll stick with us while we work towards that.