When I try link my custom domain it says "An unknown error has occurred."

I get the error “An unknown error has occurred.” when I try link my custom domain (jacobmcserver.xyz) to my project (jacobmc-server)

make sure you don’t have the https:// in front of it

Can you send us a screenshot of your DNS?

I’m not all I was typing was jacobmcserver.xyz as the domain

I was able to get www working but jacobmcserver.xyz doesn’t work.

Did you add your custom domain in the editor?

yes but it wont add it just says “An unknown error has occurred.”

Hi @jacobvd typically when you see that error, it means that the custom domain has already been added to a different Glitch project.

If you think this may be the case but don’t know which app is currently using the custom domain, please send us a support request and we will help you out!


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