Whenever glitch reloads the code, awaitMessages gets cancelled

As the title says

It is annoying, especially when you are a staff member who has to use this. And if we do something using the bot while it’s reloading, we just don’t get any response at all, and staff are usually left confused as of why it isn’t working.

I already can sense that you are going to ask for the project name, so here you go XNEGNOLUSTBot

Now I am not sure about who is developing this, but @cori, you are usually the one I see responding to threads, so I am just going to assume that you either are a part of the development team or reports stuff to them about this. I just think this is a really important topic as it is seen as a disadvantage by reviewers in using glitch, so I just wanted to tell you so that you could potentially make it so that the code don’t automatically refresh unless someone in the project refreshes it through the console, or maybe press a button to reload the code and/or add a code so that people can example make a command that they can do in a server where the bot is. and then it would use that code to reload the code, which would be really helpful in development. And I totally believe you can do it, I for sure believe that you can make it so that people can eventually decide whether they want their project be automatically reloaded, and if so they could choose the timeout, or they could just turn off automatic reloads.
But like, the code to manually reload the code, it would actually be really helpful.

It could potentially be something like a file named commands/reload.js and the code in could be something like

const Discord = require('discord.js');

module.exports.run = async(client, message, args) => {
if (!message.author.id === 'Your UserID') {

I am just saying, it would be better if you could turn off the automatic reloads and make something like glitch.reloadProject(); as a valid code in the glitch.com projects.

This is because something in your code has either forced Glitch to restart your project or your project hasn’t received any HTTP requests for 5 minutes.

Worst case scenario, the Glitch project host (or AWS) has gone down.