Where are the api docs?

Someone asked this back in Nov 2017 … I even see projects that use the api. Are the docs going to be made public soon? If not, any idea on the timeline?

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we don’t have a documented public api, but it is something we plan to work on in the future! in the meantime, some of the API endpoints can be inferred from the community platform’s open source code, but they can change at any time!

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Can you give a few example?

you can get some example routes from https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T9u-NscZ2RlMFqrf-lEJ7MvKw-ckIehyLOkyyNrrBHo/edit#gid=0


Can you restore me access to the document?

should work now, give it another shot

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Thanks! The document is now visible,

Requires permission now.

Yes, we found a few opportunities for abuse after we initially made that document public and have since removed it. We’re working on a more-properly engineered public API that we hope to release sometime, but we don’t have any estimation of when that might be ready.

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Can I currently have the endpoint for list my projects name?

Can someone send me all the methods for the Glitch API, which can be used…

Hey @chroventer the problem we have is that the current API endpoints are too risky for us to publicize as they are. They’re not designed to handle arbitrary requests from the world wide web; just to handle carefully constructed ones from within our own systems.

We have tasks in our backlog to design a community-facing API that we can fully document and support long-term, but until that’s ready we don’t have anything we’re comfortable telling the community about. When we do have something ready we’ll surely announce it in the Forums (along with wherever else seem appropriate).

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Alright, however, please create a mega-post about it, thanks.