Where do I find more info on teams?

We have a company account and we’ve added 3 glitch accounts to it. I’m not quite sure how it works, I created a collection and I “linked” to a public tic-tac-toe project on Glitch as part of a test. So I’m looking for some docs that explain where the code for that projects is right now and who can edit it, etc.

I seem to have accidentally cloned two copies of the source code onto my account as well. I understand that these can’t be deleted right? But if I archive them at least I won’t see them anymore correct?

Here’s a more accurate description of what happens when you archive a project:

  • it is no longer publicly available to others
  • the project won’t run and visiting the link will return a 404
  • because of that, the project name of the archived project will be available again
  • however, the archived project will still show up under the “Archived” section in your dashboard, which allows you to un-archive the project

To truly delete a project (make sure you are absolutely sure you want to delete your project), email support@glitch.com with the project name.

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Thanks for the clarification. These “clones” were made in error so I’ll email support and ask that they be deleted. Meanwhile… the main question remains (for me) is how do teams work and how to I get a project to “live” in the team account?

It should be accessible by members of the team but not in individual team member’s accounts.

Here’s how you can add an existing project of yours to your Glitch team, so that others on the team can edit that project as well:

To answer your question directly, yes, projects added to teams still “live” in the main owner’s account as well.

That’s what I suspected. I don’t believe we want the “owner” to be a random member of the team who may have more control of it than the team leader. So I’m suggesting that any projects be created on the team account and shared from there. Members can work on it but shouldn’t be able to move it into production or stuff like that.

Thanks for the information.

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