Where do we request/suggest new languages & frameworks?

It’s not clear if languages and frameworks should be considered features exactly. And the lack of language/framework requests there (at least as far as I can tell by scanning the titles) suggests that that’s not where to request or suggest such things.

It strikes me that perhaps that should be its own category, but at any rate,

Where do we request/suggest new languages & frameworks?

Feel free to suggest them here, we read everything so it won’t be overlooked and I’ll triage it internally. We’ve had most requests via email and the in-app feedback so far.

Thanks for the fast reply!

By “here” do you mean

  • here in this category, where each suggestion is its own “question”, or
  • here in the discussion of this question, or
  • something else?

I guess for now I’ll assume your main point is that it doesn’t much matter where I suggest things. If that’s the case, I’ll just do it right here in this question’s discussion.

I’m guessing that Crystal and Elixir are impossible (or nearly impossible) to make work in something like HyperDev. If I’m wrong, then I’d love to suggest both of them.

The next language I’d love to see is Ruby. Since I’m sure you’re getting plenty of others suggesting Ruby I guess this is more of me raising my hand to be counted amongst them than actually a suggestion as such.

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I’m a total newb and a part from the podcast (like dotnetrocks, where I heard about you) only get to study intensely over the winter months. Last year I was looking at using Yii2 on Digital Oceans… It looks like NodeJS is mostly about being a server. Can I load Yii2 into it? The first step of installing Yii2 is adding composer, I’ve found this article pitting it againist Node’s NPM? https://bryce.fisher-fleig.org/blog/php-composer-vs-nodejs-npm-fight/
So if I just bypass composer, can I still install Yii2 through NPM? I’m just trying to navigate the landscape of the three dimensional stack… not sure how it all fits together yet.

I don’t know much about Yii2, but from looking around I’ve seen various setups that use it in conjunction with Node.js, but all of them still use PHP too. We don’t yet support PHP, but given the topic of this thread, I’ll add that as a vote for us to add support for it!

@Gareth are there clear contenders so far as alternatives to Node.js? :grin:

haha, spoilers!

Well requests aside, there are some practical considerations that make some more likely early contenders than others. So dynamic web languages are easier to implement well than compiled languages. We’ve found that we really need to get changes deployed and presented in under a couple of seconds for the experience to feel good. So it makes options like Java more tricky. That’s not to rule it out completely, but it probably won’t be first up. Golang is quick so is still in there. Perl, Python, and Ruby seem like strong choices.


All makes sense, thanks for the insight! haha