Where should I learn coding languages?

I’m sorry because I believe that this is the weirdest question I’ve asked on glitch and maybe will ever ask but I only know the smallest parts of JavaScript, so where should I learn? There’s a couple that I’ve considered but they cost money. Specifically, where should I learn JavaScript and what it can do in html projects. I’ve looked at w3 schools just a little bit in their JavaScript section and I know that they also have a how-to section, but I was just wondering if anyone who recently learned JavaScript found a website that really helped them. Thanks!

Codecademy has a free JavaScript course (https://www.codecademy.com/catalog/language/javascript) that a friend of mine is using right now!

Thank you!

p5.js is also a good entry point because you can immediately see visual results!

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i use this too

Yeah. W3 has helped me a lot with HTML.

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