Where to view output from server console.log()

If there was a console.log() in server.js, the output used to appear in a panel that slid out from the bottom.

Is there a way to see this output, or is there an alternate way to debug on the server?

Oh, I found the “Logs” button in the upper left corner.

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Glad you found the logs button!

UUU This was sooo hard to find!!!

Ehhh I might agree if the project doesn’t have errors it’s subtle. When it has errors though it turns red. Coming from an Xcode/IDE world I would expect a button for the logs to be along the bottom somewhere maybe? I don’t know if that’s any more new-programmer friendly. Maybe a thin toolbar with a circular green light that says “Everything is OK” normally and then it could turn red if there are errors. The design is super clean as is though, with just the little cat down there.