White Editor Color

When i gonna edit my project the file what i am is just white
if i go to another file extension is happing too

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The codes in the .py file are white. It was like this when I arrived 10 minutes ago. The .json and .js files are colorful and normal.

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Did you refresh, I had the same happen to my js and HTML files earlier.

I’m having the same problem with my JS files. Syntax highlighting is off. I tried it in different browsers and a hard refresh.

I wrote ‘refresh’ from the console. I refreshed the page. I closed the page and opened it back. I closed the browser, opened it. It was not

I was briefly affected by this issue, but the refresh fixed things for me. This is probaly temporary so for now all you can do is wait or try out the s code extension for glitch.

I hope it is fixed as soon as possible if it is a temporary problem.

Have you refreshed your project? Maybe it is fixed now.

It’s still not working for me in Firefox or Chrome.

still the problem is the same

i tried opera, opera gx and chrome they all have the same problem

The Glitch file editor uses to have a nice theme for .HTML and .EJS files. Now only .HTML files have a good editing theme and .EJS files are just all white.

Could we get the themes back?

Syntax highlighting also seems to be broken for .pug files

And py files according to another post.

Hey there,

Thank you so much @Miguel_exe, @BerkayKBL, @snackosphere, and @benborgers for reporting this issue!

I had our product team took a look into it, and they noticed that some tools the editor depends on are having outages today. It seems like the color hinting is failing intermittently as part of that.

We’re hoping this will get resolved soon.


Maybe as a fallback glitch’s cdn could keep a copy of the assets. I think if you do <script src="https://sitea.com/resource.js https://siteb.com/resource.js"> siteb will be used if sitea isn’t working.