White page problems sometimes


I have a problem, sometimes my site displays a blank page, I don’t understand why. It’s annoying because it happens more and more often…

Here is the link of my site: https://oxnodex-bot.glitch.me/

Hi @Oxnovation,

I’m sorry that you’re seeing a blank page! Where exactly is this happening?
Within the project editor?
On the project page?
Or, is it happening on the user-facing app side?

Also, is this happening for all your projects or just oxnodex-bot?

Let us know and we’ll do our best to help you!

Hi @tasha,

First, I apologize for my english which is not very good, it is not my native language…

The problems is here : https://oxnodex-bot.glitch.me/
I think is just for the oxnodex-bot, my others projects are online and I don’t think there are any problems with.

No need to apologize!

Have you reviewed the errors that are showing in your project log? It looks like you have a few error messages there that may be preventing the app-side of your site from displaying.

If there are any errors messages that you do not understand, you can post them here and we can take a look.

To view your project logs:

  1. Open your project editor
  2. On the bottom, left-side of the page, look for the “Tools” menu and give it a click
  3. Then you should see the “Logs” button that you can click to reveal the error messages.

I solved the problem, it was just a port error…

Thanks for your time, have a nice evening.