Who can boost my apps?

So, I am the owner of a project but my friend can boost apps, he whants to boost my app for free but he cant. He can boost 5 apps and only boosted 3, so he has 2 left, he still cant boost my app, im the app owner, is this why?

If so, how can he be able to boost my app? Thanks!

Would be cool to be able to gift boosts. Like how Twitch users can gift subs, Reddit users medals, etc…

I don’t think it’s possible atm


It looks like he is like a project visitor for some reason… he can still edit things though…

im not sure if this will work but did he try remixing it? maybe thatll work

No. He did’t… I whant my app to be boosted though since its a discord bot.

yes, i understood what you said, my point was maybe if he remixed your project and then invited you to edit he could boost it. im not sure if this would work, but from what i know when you remix a project you become the owner of the new one

Ah. I understand. Then is there a way to transfer ownership?

and i think @glitch_support may know what to do…

he could try remixing it maybe

Yea. okay. I’ll tell him

if that doesnt work, then i suggest you email support@glitch.com

Yea. Thanks :slight_smile:

You can change ownership of your projects from the project page (https://glitch.com/~favorite-pokemon in this example).

NOTE That right now there is not a confirmation that you’re making that choice, so be careful! I’ve just made a ticket internally to take care of that


oh thats good to know! i never noticed that button and have been remixing projects