Who's Online Plugin

This would be a really neat plugin to add to the forum!

I upvote this, THIS WOULD BE COOL!


Hmmm, some people might not prefer to display their presence status, especially for some privacy.

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I believe online status is already displayed on user pages:

But you do have a point.

“Just now” gives a feeling of vagueness and so it doesn’t really matter, but I think the plugin would be fine if each user had the option to turn it off.


Nice of you to ask :star2:


This is cool!

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I have a feeling that this was already on the forum once but it got removed

I love this plugin and @glitch_support should probably know about this. Really cool to see who is online and all. And besides, isn’t there a way to disable it?

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Yep. You can turn it off in a privacy setting or something… they explained it in the forum thread that Riverside Rocks asked in.
No spelling mistakes today!


Why did you ping staff?

So staff could see it. I decided to ping them after a few hours

But didn’t you tell @EddiesTech not to ping staff?

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You could have emailed like they said you should?

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I don’t think this forum ever has >50 people online, but if it does, a user on that thread noted that it works fine on his forum with ~350 users online at any given time.

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I like this idea too - as long as it can be disabled by users.

Currently, we typically have about 40 users in the the forum each day; not necessarily concurrently. If the number of folks who use the forum grows or if the experimental status of this plugin changes, we can revisit this feature request for sure!


It looks like it can be disabled:

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